Safety and Health

Smarter Together, Safer Together

The Perenti Group considers the effective management of safety, training and the environment integral to the success of our worldwide business.

Our commitment to safety, training and development of our employees are as important as our commitment to overall business objectives. We foster a culture where safety is valued by every member of our team. Each employee contributes to their own safety as well as to the safety of others. The Group supports our employees in their efforts by providing training programs based on accepted Australian national competency standards. We aim to exert a strong and positive influence on our clients, service providers, suppliers, our personnel and the community.

Our safety and health policy includes stringent attention to the following:

Employees at all levels in the Group and its branches and subsidiaries must ensure their own health and safety, and the health and safety of fellow employees. All unsafe conditions and acts must be reported.

Safety and Health • Perenti HSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 2021

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