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The information contained on this site is intended for Perenti employees only. Perenti accepts no liability for actions, reliance on or effects caused by use of the information by non-Perenti employees.

Like most global business, Perenti is being affected by the COVID-19. As always, the safety and security of our people comes before anything else. We have set up CMT / BCT who are xxxx the situation around the clock to xxx xxx xxx for our employees and the safety of our operations…

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Update #3: 16/03/2020 – GRP HSE COVID – 19 Important Information

Update #2: 05/03/2020 – GRP HSE COVID – 19 Health Alert

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EAP link or +61 8 9388 9000

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Centre for Disease:
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Johns Hopkins School Infection map:
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Please remember minimising the risk of COVID-19 is everyone’s’ responsibility and we ask employees to keep informed about the virus.


Please click on the image below to view the full COVID-19 Travel Restrictions and Health Matrix:

Perenti Group - Employees Portal • Travel Restrictions as of 22.03.20

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Isolation Guidance

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