Our service offering

Building the mines of tomorrow

The Perenti Group has built a portfolio of companies designed to provide a complete mining value chain throughout Australia, Africa and around the world. Our goal is to provide a seamless client experience, delivered by local people. By partnering with each of our clients, we know we can build trust and deliver what matters the most to them.  

Our service offering • 11.1


We provide exploration drilling, production drilling, blasting and geotechnical services throughout Australia, as well as end-to-end contract surface mining in Africa, from mine planning and exploration to mine development, production and reclamation.

Our service offering • two


We are a global hard-rock underground mining services company specialising in rapid high-speed mine development, production, diamond drilling, vertical development, design planning and scheduling, and equipment supply and maintenance.

Our service offering • three


Our Investments Industry Sector Group includes a diverse range of mining support services from a fundamental part of the mining value chain. Whether it’s supplying the right equipment to get the job done, meticulously organising the logistics to deliver where and when clients need it, or analysing ore samples to boost productivity, the Group’s businesses support any mining operation. 

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